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Parent & Me is a developmental class focusing on Parent/Guardian and child participation. The Parent/Guardian plays an integral part in a class by providing comfort and modeling participation. This class offers an introduction to important skills such as listening, taking turns, standing in line, and following directions. Additionally, activities will explore gross motor skill development and rhythm activities. This class is a pre-introduction to dance and is a great class to help transition your children into a dance class on their own.

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Mommy and me
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Skill Building is the essential base that all dancers learn and build upon as they continue to fine-tune these skills throughout their dance life.


Center Movement builds on all the skills dancers learn through choreographed combinations where they can really start to understand musicality and move together as a core of tiny dancers.


Just For Fun keeps dancers engaged and excited for class with dance activities, storylines, and sweetness that every little dancer dreams of.


The big day! With Showtime dancers work on choreography, receive adorable costumes, and get ready to shine in their on stage performances.

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