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Our Show Stars 6-8-year-olds dance classes are exciting and ever-evolving dance classes full of rhythm, syncopation, passion, and life. Classes explore body placement and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style. Throughout the year an emphasis will be placed on the explanation of terminology, warm-up, isolations, barre, and center floor work with an emphasis on strengthening turns, jumps, flexibility, technical execution, and combinations. Students in all classes will be taught basic techniques, terminology, and movement. 

For this age of dancers, classes will no longer be combination classes. Students will have the option of taking multiple styles for 45 minutes a class each. Students at this age and level are able to focus on a single style for a longer period of time. We offer Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Cheer/ Pom, Acro, Tap, and Hip Hop. 

dance classes for children in the Central Valley-2.png
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