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Why Join
Elite Dance Academy?

Welcome to Elite Dance Academy, the pinnacle of dance excellence in the Central Valley! With a commitment to fostering the passion for dance in every student, we proudly serve over 400 aspiring dancers weekly, ranging from the tender age of 18 months to the dynamic years of 18. At Elite Dance Academy, we believe that dance knows no bounds, and we offer a comprehensive array of classes tailored to suit every individual's aspirations and interests.

Explore the world of dance with us through our diverse range of classes, meticulously designed to cater to all ages and skill levels. From our enchanting Parent & Me sessions to the graceful Twinkle Tots Ballet/Tap for ages 2-4, and beyond, we nurture a love for movement in every young heart. For our seasoned dancers, we offer a captivating selection including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, AcroDance, Tap, Contemporary, and the electrifying rhythms of Hip Hop.

At Elite Dance Academy, inclusivity is at the core of our philosophy. We are proud to offer adaptive dance classes tailored for individuals aged 3 and older, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of dance in a supportive and welcoming environment. As a contracted vendor through CVRC (Central Valley Regional Center), we are dedicated to providing accessible and enriching dance experiences for all members of our community.

Join us at Elite Dance Academy and let your passion take flight on the stage of excellence. Experience the joy of dance, unleash your creativity, and become part of our vibrant dance community today!

Competition Dancesr Visalia

15 Benefits of becoming an
Elite Dance Academy Dancer:

1. We Put Dancer Wellness and Safety First 

  • Accident & Incident Procedures and Reporting System to ensure that injuries and emergencies are handled quickly and effectively.

  • Our teachers are CPR-certified and Background-checked.

  • HEPA Filter Air Purifiers in every studio to create a healthier and more pleasant environment for your child, and decrease the spread of illness.

  • “Floating Floors” in every studio, which are superior to “sprung floors” because floating floors absorb the shock of landing jumps and acrobatic skills to help reduce the risk of injury to your child.

  • Daily cleaning of our facility so that our school sparkles and your child learns in a clean and healthy environment.

2. Our Exceptional Team of Dance Educators

At our studio, you'll find a team of ten highly skilled dance educators, each boasting years of prior experience and prestigious certifications in Progressive Ballet Training, The Building Blocks of Dance, CLI, Twinkle Stars Dance, and more. Our instructors are not only certified experts in their craft but are also deeply committed to understanding your dancer's unique aspirations and guiding them towards their goals.

Beyond their professional credentials, our teachers exude warmth and dedication, forming meaningful connections with each and every one of our dancers. With their nurturing personalities and unwavering dedication, our instructors ensure that every student feels supported and inspired on their dance journey.

3. Elevate Your Dance Experience with Our       Curriculum-Driven Studio

At our studio, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the Central Valley, offering a meticulously crafted dance curriculum designed to accelerate the progress of our dancers. From the tender age of 18 months and beyond, we provide a diverse array of class opportunities tailored to nurture every dancer's passion and potential. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and acro. We understand the importance of convenience for our dancers and their families, which is why we endeavor to schedule classes in a way that allows students to seamlessly transition between multiple styles, maximizing their learning experience.


In addition to our regular classes, we also enrich our dance program with a variety of seasonal dance camps throughout the year. These camps offer unique opportunities for dancers to further explore their creativity, refine their skills, and connect with fellow dancers in a fun and supportive environment. Join us at our studio and experience the difference of a curriculum-driven approach to dance education. Elevate your skills, expand your horizons, and embark on an unforgettable dance journey with us!

Dancers 3 years and older displaying Gymnastic tricks
Group photo of the Elite Dance Academy staff who are certified in dance
Twinkle Tots 3-4 years having a great time in class smiling and dancing with their twinkle bears

4. Inclusive Dance Community Since 2012

Since our establishment in July 2012, we've nurtured our dance family to well over 400 dancers. Our core mission revolves around more than just dance; it's about imparting life lessons through our lessons and providing a place where all children feel included.

5. Get your Dance Essential with Ease at EDA

At EDA, we're all about dancers shining their brightest! That's why we make it super easy for you with our in-studio dress code essentials. No more hassle of ordering online and dealing with returns – we'll size your dancer right here in the studio! And if there's something specific you need in your dancer's size, just let us know – we'll happily order it for you with a smile!

6. Our Front Desk Team is Always Here for You

Not only do we boast qualified staff, but we also take pride in our exceptional front desk team. Dedicated to ensuring your experience at EDA is seamless, they go above and beyond to make all dancers feel at home as soon as they step into the studio. With a commitment to being there for you, we guarantee a front desk staff member will always be on-site during operating hours to promptly address any queries or concerns. Unlike many other studios, where availability can be limited to parents or teachers, we prioritize having dedicated staff ready to assist you at all times.

Team group picture of our director and competition team showing team support and love
Display of our dance inventory that we sell conveniently in the studio for anyone with dance needs

7. Celebrating Progress and Achievement at EDA

We prioritize acknowledging student growth and ensuring proper class placement. At the end of each season, we provide student evaluation cards to guide their progression to the next level. Additionally, our Twinkle class dancers receive certificates and take part in a special red carpet walk during our recital, celebrating their hard work and achievements

8. Proudly Hosting Two Annual Recitals

Experience the Magic of Our Annual Recitals: Twice the Celebration, Twice the Stage Brilliance! We're thrilled to be the sole studio in Visalia offering both December and June showcases. Our holiday extravaganza not only celebrates the festive season with loved ones but also provides our dancers with another enchanting opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. In our milestone 13th season, we're elevating the experience even further by hosting both recitals at the prestigious LJ Williams, where our dancers will dazzle under the full lights and stage effects.

9. Picture Perfect Moments

In addition to our two annual recitals, we ensure every moment shines by organizing a special picture day for each performance. These captured memories are cherished keepsakes, immortalizing the magic of each show. We proudly display these photos throughout our studio, serving as a constant reminder of growth, inspiration, and the enduring bonds forged through dance.

10. Dazzling on Stage: Tasteful Recital Costumes

At EDA, we prioritize tasteful and age-appropriate recital costumes, ensuring your dancers shine brightly on stage. Additionally, we meticulously provide each class with the correct pair of tights and any necessary hair accessories, guaranteeing a polished and cohesive look for every performance.

11. Beyond Technique: Building Community and Awareness

At EDA, we believe in fostering not just proper technique, but also studio camaraderie and fun. That's why we host dress-up weeks and exciting events throughout the season. Additionally, we're dedicated to raising awareness for important causes such as breast cancer, childhood cancer, and autism.

12. Join the Magic: Dance the Dream Parade

At EDA, we provide opportunities beyond the studio classroom. We're proud to be the only studio in the valley offering the chance to participate in the Dance the Dream Parade for over 5 years. Dancers have the unique opportunity to perform down Disneyland alongside talents from across the nation. This exclusive opportunity is available 1-2 times a year for dancers aged 7 and above on the day of the parade.

13. Elevate Your Dance Journey

In addition to our recreational classes, we offer two levels of our competitive team for dancers and families ready to make a deeper commitment. Starting at age 4, our team season runs from July to June, fostering an unbreakable bond among dancers who push each other to excel daily. Held to high standards, team members experience accelerated growth through the competitive nature and requirements of the team. We strive to accommodate every dancer on our team, who compete 5-6 times a year and perform locally throughout the valley.

14. Dance for All: Embracing Inclusivity at EDA

At EDA, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. In addition to our independent classes, we proudly offer adaptive dance classes for dancers with unique needs who may benefit from a tailored approach. As a proud vendor through CVRC, we strive to provide dance opportunities to almost anybody within our ability. #DanceYourWay

15. Homeschooling Partnerships at EDA

We're proud vendors through Monarch River Academy, Yosemite Charter School, and Heartland, providing a unique opportunity to build a community for homeschooling families. These vendors cover the monthly tuition for their dancers, offering them the chance to make friends and get involved in our vibrant dance community!

Group photo of our staff at the annual Visalia christmas parade that our dancers perform in each year
Group picture of our 8-10 year old dancers posing for the holiday dance recital
Dancers walking across the stage receiving a completion certificate at our annual recital
7-9 year old posing for the recital picture happy and having fun
Our little dancers posing for annual dance recital photos at elite dance academy
picture of dancers dressed up for valentines day having fun and showing class spirit
Disneyland performance
Competition dancer leaping high placed overall
adaptive dance for dancers 3 years and older CVRC
little dancers ballet twinkle bears dancing having fun

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Visalia Dance Company Team
Disneyland Performance
Visalia Summer dance camps
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